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Is Casio watch a luxury brand?

Author: becky

Jan. 29, 2024

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Tags: Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear

Casio, a globally recognized name in the world of watches, has been an integral part of the horological industry since its inception in 1946. The brand's vast range of timepieces, from the durable G-Shock to the multi-functional Pro Trek series, speaks volumes about its commitment to innovation, technology, and affordability. In the broader spectrum of watch classifications, the term "luxury" is often associated with heritage, artisanal craftsmanship, limited production numbers, and premium materials.

Is Casio a luxury watch?

While renowned for reliability and iconic designs like the G-Shock, the brand's positioning in the broader context of "luxury" warrants a closer examination based on market perception and brand ethos.

Understanding Luxury Watch Standards

Luxury watch standards are deeply rooted in criteria that transcend mere timekeeping. At its core, the term "luxury" in horology implies exclusivity, craftsmanship, and heritage. Firstly, materials matter; luxury watches often utilize high-quality metals, precious stones, and sophisticated mechanisms. Craftsmanship is paramount, with many pieces hand-assembled by master watchmakers, sometimes dedicating countless hours to a single timepiece. Heritage plays a pivotal role; many luxury watch brands boast rich histories, tracing back centuries, with tales of innovation and artistry intertwined in their lineage.

Additionally, limited production ensures exclusivity, making each piece a coveted artifact. Precision in timekeeping, while vital, is just one facet. Luxury watches often house intricate complications, showcasing technical prowess. Finally, branding and perception are undeniable factors. The mere association with iconic names in the industry, and the stories they narrate, elevates a watch's status. In essence, the standard for luxury watches blend art, history, craftsmanship, and branding.

Material and Craftsmanship in Casio Collections

Casio, renowned for its innovative approach to watchmaking, places a premium on both material and craftsmanship to cater to diverse audiences. Predominantly, the brand leverages resin, stainless steel, and occasionally titanium in its watches, ensuring durability and comfort. The famed G-Shock line, for instance, incorporates tough resin and fortified mineral glass to withstand harsh conditions. The Edifice series often employs stainless steel, offering a sleek yet robust appeal suitable for both casual and formal settings.

In terms of craftsmanship, Casio's prowess is evident in its integration of technology and design. The brand doesn't just focus on aesthetics; it embeds functionality like solar charging, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, and multi-band atomic timekeeping. Each collection is tailored to specific needs, whether it's the ruggedness of the G-Shock, the elegance of the Oceanus, or the technical aptitude of the Pro Trek. Casio's commitment to material quality and innovative craftsmanship ensures a blend of style, functionality, and resilience across its collections.

Price Spectrum: Balancing Affordability with Premium Segments

Casio's wide-ranging portfolio ensures that it touches various price points, catering to diverse demographics and requirements. At the entry-level, you can find basic digital watches and classic analog models that are highly affordable, making them accessible to students, casual wearers, or those needing a reliable timepiece without breaking the bank. Moving up the spectrum, the G-Shock series, renowned for its toughness and technological features, offers models that can vary significantly in price, from budget-friendly options to premium limited editions with advanced features and materials.

The Edifice collection, with its blend of style and advanced functionality, sits in the mid-price range. Then, at the higher end, models like the Oceanus and the MR-G G-Shock incorporate premium materials, advanced technologies, and intricate craftsmanship, commanding a higher price tag. Casio's ability to offer such a varied price spectrum, from affordable to luxury, underscores its versatility and commitment to catering to every segment of the watch market.

Public Perception and Brand Positioning

Casio, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation, enjoys a favorable public perception anchored in its history of producing durable, functional, and accessible timepieces. The G-Shock series, for instance, is almost legendary in its reputation for ruggedness, and is often the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and adventure-seekers. Meanwhile, the Edifice line is appreciated for its sophisticated blend of style and advanced features, often seen as a daily wear watch that seamlessly fits both office and casual settings.

Casio's brand positioning is unique, as it straddles multiple market segments. While it's primarily seen as a mass-market brand offering excellent value for money, certain premium collections, like the Oceanus or MR-G, cater to a more discerning clientele seeking luxury and advanced tech in their wristwear. Overall, Casio's brand equity rests on its commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability, making it a trusted choice across diverse audiences.


While Casio offers exceptional reliability, advanced technological features, and iconic designs, it does not traditionally fall within the "luxury" category in the conventional sense of the word. The brand's core strength lies in providing quality timepieces that are both durable and accessible to a broad audience. While some of its limited editions or premium models might touch upon the luxury market's fringes, Casio is more renowned as a brand that democratizes advanced watch features for the masses. Therefore, while it commands immense respect and has a dedicated following, it's best to categorize Casio as a brand that offers "functional luxury" rather than traditional luxury.

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The Japanese giant, Casio, which is known throughout the world for its timeless inventions was founded in the year 1946 in Tokyo by an engineer named Tadao Kashio.
It was almost after the period of thirty years when Casio pitched itself in the arena of watchmaking industry. It established itself as a prominent manufacturer of iconic watches thus occupying an important place in the era of global revolution.

It was only after gaining a considerable amount of profit with his initial major product called yubiwa pipe and after witnessing the electric calculators at Business Show in 1949, Tadao Kashio and his younger brothers got persuaded to debut their own calculators in the market. And finally, after a period of 8 years, Casio was successful in this venture and introduced their first fully electronic compact calculator. Soon after this, they started to expand their business. They started on creating new products like audio components, cameras, and musical instruments.

In the year 1974, this Japanese company took a surprising turn by investing in the watchmaking industry. Casio released their first model of digital watch called Casiotron which featured an automatic calendar. The journey of Casio in the watch manufacturing industry began only after the initiation of the electronic watch revolution. But what kept on driving it behind the scenes for technical expertise - was its proficiency in calculator manufacturing.

The exemplary success of Casio in other electronic markets as well, kept on driving it to manufacture watches with distinct technological innovations.
Since many years Casio has been standing as an undisputed leader, emphasizing on the fact that it was the first brand that developed digital and analog quartz crystal watches. Casio kept on striking the market year after year with new technological innovations.

In the eighties the Casio presented their first model of the digital watch with a thermometer and another one carried a feature of translating 1,500 Japanese words into English. During this decade Casio also launched their iconic scientific calculator watch, labeled as model CFX-400. Since then, Casio has been producing their calculator watches in an extensive number. Its figure for the calculator watch manufacturing surpasses the amount as compared to any other company. Until today the Japanese watchmakers are considered as the most important company for producing such kind of electronic watches.

During the eighties, Casio came up with a new initiative. It ventured on selling the Data Bank Calculator watches and along with these calculators, Casio digital watches also featured data storage such as storing appointments, names, addresses, and phone numbers. This marked the origin of a new approach that even the other developers resorted to in the future.

The story of the Casio G Shock began in 1981 when Casio's head of watch design Kikuo Ibe dreamt of making a watch that would not break even if it is dropped. The name G-SHOCK got inspired by Ibe's goal of creating a watch that could withstand the shock caused by gravity. Ibe and his team of engineers worked on a concept named "Triple 10" which covered three design criteria for the G shock watches and these were as follows:
• It should withstand a 10-meter drop
• It should withstand 10 atmospheres of water pressure
• It should consist of a battery life of ten years

It took them over two years of drop-testing and development of 200 prototypes before the team of engineers in Casio came with a hollow watch case structure that was able to support the core module — a quartz mechanism floating in a urethane foam cradle. And this is how finally the birth of first G Shock DW-5000C took place. It was launched in the year 1983 and was followed by the arrival of newer Casio G Shock models. Every timepiece of Casio G Shock catalog is capable of withstanding knocks and vibrations and comes embedded with of stopwatch, a countdown timer, and a water resistance functionality.

The G Shock watches achieved tremendous popularity throughout the 1990s, and a demand for this product reached its peak during that interval of time. Till date, the Casio G-Shock is the choice of millions of people across the world. It is very often preferred by police officers, paramedics, firemen, and soldiers.

Nowadays this line of digital watches also includes atomic clock synchronization which means that they receive time signals from an extremely accurate atomic clock. This is also a standard feature for Casio Wave Ceptor series. The Casio G Shock solar and the various other models of Casio solar watches today comprise of a self-contained Tough Solar watch battery charging system with a solar cell and a rechargeable battery and they both last as long as the watch. This line of timepiece includes the Baby-G watches which is the G-Shock series exclusively designed for women, and are still the most popular ones among Casio watches. Other notable series of watches from Casio catalog are Casio Oceanus, Casio Edifice and Casio Sport, Casio Protrek, Casio Smartwatch, Casio digital watch, Casio Dive watch, and Casio solar watches.

Casio watches are well known for blending style with quality. Their exclusive designs, wide assortment of classic and diverse models along with their excellent quality has made their timepieces amongst the most sought-after brands in the world.

Is Casio watch a luxury brand?

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