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How much gold is needed for a ring? - Quora

Author: becky

Dec. 06, 2023

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Tags: Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear

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A guide to how many grams of gold and platinum are in engagement rings and wedding rings?

In today’s blog, we look at the average gram weight for engagement and wedding rings. In addition, we help to determine the value of a ring, how to weigh it, and deduct the diamond weight.

Very few jewellers specify how many grams of gold are in an engagement ring. In stark contrast, most jewellers provide specific information about diamonds and gemstones.

Basically, all diamond rings vary in their gram weight depending on the size of the setting, the finger size and the ring design.

Having said this, most engagement rings weigh between 3 grams and 5 grams as a guide.

White metal—white gold weighs the same as yellow or rose gold, but 18-carat gold differs to 9-carat gold and 14-carat gold by weight.

Our own website takes into consideration the ring design, setting (stone size), precious metal and finger size to calculate the gram weight of a ring. At the same time, our website calculates the cost of the ring based on the precious metal price we update each day.

In the following video, we weighed a selection of 18-carat white gold rings and platinum ring mounts to show how each one weighs in.

How many grams of gold are in a Platinum ring?

Platinum and white gold differ in weight based on an identical ring.

When we convert the gram weight of an equivalent gold ring by x 1.34, this provides the gram weight of the same ring in 950 Platinum. For example, a 4-gram 18-carat gold ring weighs 5.3g in Platinum.

Regarding 9-carat gold, the same ring design works out lighter in weight. In this instance, we multiply the weight of 18-carat gold by 0.74. So, the same ring equals 3 grams.

For a complete list of comparisons, use our handy precious metal conversion chart.

Why is the gram weight of an engagement ring important?

The gram weight of any given ring affects the basic cost of the metal. Regardless of how damaged, broken or bent, all gold rings carry a scrap precious metal value. But, owing to the time taken to create a ring design, cast, mount, set and polish, the selling price exceeds any basic gold or platinum price. In the same way, a new car demands a far higher price than a much older car traded in for exchange.

Engagement rings with hollow shoulders

Many of our clients send us their existing engagement rings as part of our work to create shaped wedding rings to fit. As a result, we see many substantial-looking ring designs with hollow shoulders.

In contrast to our own ring styles, some jewellery manufacturers create heavier-looking rings with hollow shoulders to reduce the gram weight of the ring design. This remains a clever way for retailers to reduce the gram weight and cost of an engagement ring.

Fine gold engagement rings – 22-carat and 24-carat

24-carat Gold (hallmarked 999) and 22-carat Gold (hallmarked 916) are rarely used for engagement rings. Otherwise, the total weight of the item would represent the gram weight of gold. Instead, other metals alloyed with gold provide additional benefits, including strength and scratch resistance.

Nuggets of fine gold – their gram weight represents the weight of gold present.

How many grams of gold are in an engagement ring setting?

We create some rings in two parts. For example, we make some settings separate to the shank. As a result, we combine the gram weight of the setting with the gram weight of the shank to work out the overall weight.

Buying just the ring mount or empty setting for a diamond or gemstone.

How many grams of gold are in a wedding ring?

To calculate how many grams of gold are in a wedding ring, first, look at the hallmark to determine the precious metal. Most wedding bands in the UK include a hallmark to show this. For example, 950 Platinum appears with a 950 stamp hallmarked within a ‘house-shaped’ box. 18-carat gold usually features a 750 stamp. Finally, 9ct gold features a 375 stamp.

Depending on the style, depth and width (and finger size) of your ring, the weight varies greatly.

The following chart shows the range of weights for small to large finger sizes based on our medium-weight comfort fit Osborne wedding ring design.

Medium Weight Wedding Ring Gram Weights for 18ct Gold

Width Small finger size weight (g) Larger finger size weights (g) 2.00 2.7 3.7 2.50 3.3 4.7 3.00 4.0 5.6 4.00 5.0 7.2 5.00 6.1 8.8 6.00 7.4 10.7 7.00 8.1 11.8 8.00 9.3 13.8

For platinum, multiply the above weights by x 1.34. And, for 9-carat gold, multiply weights by 0.74. Finally, for US 14k gold, multiply 18ct gold weight by 0.88.

The weight of castings vs finished ring mounts.

Ring castings weigh heavier than finished ring mounts. For this reason, we prefer to sell empty, finished (polished) rings for clients. Ultimately, their near completion and lower cost make rough casting less favourable to buy. But, for some of our trade clients, the speed of manufacture for castings provides a speedier option.

How to calculate the weight of a ring without the diamond

This process helps you calculate the weight of precious metal in a ring already set with a diamond. Provided you know the diamond weight, first weigh the ring for the total gram weight.

Next, calculate how many grams of diamond you have.

One carat is equal to 0.20 of a gram. A carat is divided into 100 points, each worth 0.002 grams.

Therefore, a diamond with a carat weight of 0.33cts = 33 points x 0.002 grams = 0.066 grams.

Now, deduct the gram weight of the diamond from the gram weight of the diamond ring.

So, a 5g yellow gold solitaire diamond ring set with a 0.33-carat diamond will weigh 4.93 grams without the diamond.

How to calculate the scrap gold or platinum value of your ring.

Find out the price of gold or platinum with the following system. To find out the basic value of your precious metal, visit a gold bullion website such as the following:

Scrap gold and platinum price calculator

Remember to choose the correct metal type for your platinum or gold jewellery from the menu, and the scrap value appears.

The calculator can determine the lowest scrap value for gold jewellery, gold bars, gold silver and gold coins.

Many bullion dealers buy gold, but If you would like us to help sell your scrap metal, please get in touch. We’ll provide the same scrap value and handle the shipping on your behalf.

Platinum, rarer than gold, differs in the scrap metal price due to different factors. But, even when gram prices compare, owing to the 1/3 heavier weight, Platinum often works out as a more expensive metal.

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How much gold is needed for a ring? - Quora

How Many Grams of Gold Are in an Engagement Ring?



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