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When to Use hotel dining chairs services?

Author: Dorinda

Dec. 06, 2023

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Tags: Furniture


One extremely important decision about opening and owning a restaurant or venue is determining a seating structure and seating capacity. No matter how your venue may be set up, determining the capacity is crucial for day-to-day operations, kitchen management, and staffing. Whether you have a large-scale or small-scale venue, the seating capacity could be the single greatest influence on your business as a whole. Use our guidelines below for assistance with planning your layout.

“Rule of thumb” for most restaurants:
60% = Dining Room Total Area
40% = Kitchen, Cooking, Storage, Preparation Total Area

Recommended square feet PER PERSON for different venues:

Fine Dining: 18 - 20 Square Feet
Full Service Restaurant Dining: 12 - 15 Square Feet
Counter Service: 18 - 20 Square Feet
Fast Food Minimum: 11 - 14 Square Feet
Table Service, Hotel/Club: 15 - 18 Square Feet
Banquet, Minimum: 10 - 11 Square Feet

The traffic path between occupied chairs should be at least 18 inches wide. Leave 4 – 5’ between tables (This figure includes chair space) To determine area for wait stations: 1 small station (6 - 10 Sq ft) per 20 diners. 1 large central station (25-40 Sq ft) per 60 diners. In determining the length for a bar, allow 1’8” -1’10” per person (standup), or 2’ per bar stool.


Allow 18” from edge of table to chair back for guests.
Allow 24-30” for lateral seating. Note arm and oversized chairs may require more space.




Allow 42” between edges of square tables. This allows 6“ for chairs to pull out.

Allow 60” between edges of square tables with service aisles. This allows 26” for service aisle.


Allow 24” between corners of diagonal tables without service aisle.

Allow 30” between corners of diagonal tables with narrow service aisle.





     SQUARE                            RECTANGLE                                   ROUND


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When to Use hotel dining chairs services?

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