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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Hotels

Author: Geym

Dec. 06, 2023

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Tags: Furniture

A large study of the hotel industry found that guests value one thing more than any other – a comfortable room.

Chances are, your guests will spend more time in their rooms than anywhere else. After all, they are counting on you to provide a comfortable place for them to rest and recharge.

As a hotel owner, choosing the right furniture can make all the difference when it comes to your success. Keep reading for the top 5 factors to consider when choosing furniture for hotels that will keep guests coming back.

1. Quality

Anytime you are making a significant purchase, you want to make the most of your investment. Buying furniture for hotels only from trusted and reputable sellers will help ensure you get the most for your money.

Don’t just look at the price. Take into account what you are really paying for.

2. Durability

You want to choose a material for furniture that will stand up to the test of time and constant use by your guests.

When evaluating types of furniture, choose materials that will last. You might also want to consider the economic impact of the furniture you choose. You can learn more about sustainable furniture materials here.

3. Technology

Modern-day guests expect their hotels to offer the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. Many hotel furniture styles are compatible with the technology your guests need to live and work away from home.

Compatibility with guests’ devices must be taken into consideration in this digital age.

The best hotels also offer the best entertainment experiences in guest’s rooms. Consider making sure entertainment centres, high-quality television, and on-demand content fit into your hotel furniture budget.

4. Comfort

As a hotel owner, making sure your guests are comfortable should be a top priority. When looking at different hotel furniture styles, opt for selections that ensure the most comfortable experience for your guests.

Furniture for guest rooms should provide the best quality to your guests. Opt for mattresses with high coil counts and thick pillow tops. Consider offering multiple types of pillows so your guests can choose based on their preferences.

5. Focus on the Lobby

In most hotels, the lobby is the first place guests see. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You want to make sure your lobby leaves your guests wanting more rather than heading for the door.

The furniture in your lobby will serve many purposes including being an area for guests to sit and relax, a business centre, a meeting place, and maybe even a dining area. Leave room in your hotel furniture budget to go all out in the lobby.

Purchasing Furniture for Hotels

Purchasing furniture for hotels should never be an afterthought. In fact, the furniture you choose could end up being one of the most influential factors in how your guests perceive their experience at your hotel.

Purchasing the best furniture doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you purchase the perfect furniture for your hotel.

If you are looking for how to maintain hotel furniture bought in china this guide is your best bet. In it, we are going to cover all kinds of classification, how to check the furniture moisture, how to clean it as well as maintenance methods.

A:Two Kinds of hotel furniture classification

  • Movable furniture:refers to the movable furniture in the hotel that is not fixed on the wall or the ground. Generally include: hotel bed, dressing table, bedside table, luggage rack, TV cabinet,sofa,coffee table, desk, chair, bed stool, bed, etc.
  • Fixed furniture: refers to the furniture in the hotel, except for the movable furniture, all wood and close to the building. Generally include bath doors, wardrobes, mini bars, wash basins, TV wall backgrounds, bed backgrounds, baseboards, corridor wood finishes, window covers.

B:The common sense of choosing and buying hotel furniture

Observe raw materials:

First thing first is to observe the raw materials first when choosing the right place to buy hotel furniture first. Know whether the raw material raw material conforms to the industry standard and whether it is harmful to the human body.

After opening the door, smell it with your nose. If it is flushed, glaring, or tearing, it means that the formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high and harmful to the human body.

The moisture rate:

The moisture content of hotel furniture must not exceed 12%. If the water content is too high,the wood is easy to warp and deform.

However when the average consumer buys, you probably don’t have a handy tool like the one on the right to check. Thankfully you can use your hands for a rough guide. Touch the bottom of the hotel furniture or the place where there is no paint inside.

If you feel moisture, then moisture content is at least 50%, and cannot be used at all. Another suggestion is that you can sprinkle some water on the place where the wood is not painted. If the water does not spread out or spreads very slowly, it indicates that the water content is high.

Furniture structure

Small hotel furniture, such as chairs, hangers, etc., can be gently dropped on the concrete floor when selected, if the sound is crisp, it indicates good quality; if the sound is not so crisp or if there is a murmur its an indication that the structure is not strong.

A desk or table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable.A sofa you can sit and move around, if it shakes or moves it is very likely that the screw is not tightened or the structure is faulty.

Checking the corners of cabinets

The gap between the drawers should not be too large. It should be straight and not warped. The door should not sag.

Checking the seam of hotel furniture

Whether it is wood veneer, PVC or paint paper, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the splicing of the furniture is flat, whether there is bulging, foaming or cracking.

Check out the edges in the light, or take a flashlight to look at it. Hotel furniture with ash veneer veneer damages pretty quickly, with it generally lasting for for two years.

For wood veneer, the planing veneer is better than the rotary cutting. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of the wood. The wood texture of the cut veneer is straight and dense, while the veneered pattern is curved and sparse. Hotel furniture with particleboard veneer must be edged on the ground, as the edgeless plate will absorb moisture, swell and damage far quicker. Generally, the corners of the hotel furniture are easy to turn up.If you can successfully bend the edges it means there is a problem with the glue.

C:Cleaning method for hotel furniture

Down below are several methods of keeping your hotel furniture clean. These methods can also be used for home furniture.

  1. Soap cleaning method- quite frequently wooden hotel furniture should be cleaned. When washing, use a soft rag or sponge to scrub with warm soapy water. After drying, use furniture oil wax to make it bright. .
  2. The milk cleaning method- (yes you read that right). With a clean rag put it in some expired milk, then use this rag to wipe the table and other wooden furniture, it is great for removing dirt. Finally, wipe it again with water, this method is suitable for a variety of furniture.

3.the tea cleaning method- This method is for painted furniture full of dust. Simply wipe it down with wet tea leaves or scrub it with cold tea. Afterwards the furniture will look dazzling, trust us. cleaning method (again yes really). Take 1400 ml of boiled light beer, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, mix thoroughly, when the mixture is cooled, use a soft cloth to wipe the wood. This is great for beech furniture.

5.white vinegar cleaning method. Take 1400ml of white vinegar and hot water mixed together and wipe the surface of the furniture, and then use a soft cloth to vigorously wipe. This method is applicable to the maintenance of rosewood furniture and the cleaning of other furniture with oil ink stains.

D:Maintenance of your furniture 

Hotel furniture made with mahogany, teak, oak, walnut and so on is relatively high-grade. It normally has exquisite carving decoration, and as such if its not cleaned regularly it will age very quickly. Use a brush or vacuum frequently to clean the hotel furniture, and a damp cloth and soft cleaner to scrub the hotel furniture afterwards to remove as much dirt and dust as possible.

Keep the furniture moist

The moisture of wooden hotel furniture is a delicate balance, that is to say, always using a wet rag won’t be enough. Instead, you should use professional hotel furniture care oil, which can lock the moisture in the wood and prevent the wood from cracking and deforming.

Wooden furniture whether it is inside or outside should be nourished and taken care off. By doing so you will extend the service life of the hotel furniture far beyond its years. If the furniture is used for a long time, and there is a hint of fouling then it is best to scrub with salt water, which not only decontaminates, but also makes wood such as rattan soft and elastic.

Care agent

There are currently two kinds of furniture care products to maintain the original brightness: furniture care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent.

The former is mainly for furniture made of wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber sheet, and so on.

It normally comes in fresh fragrances such as jasmine or lemon. It is especially suitable for all kinds of furniture made of multiple materials such as wood, glass, synthetic wood, etc saving you a lot of time.

Before using wax, cleaning and maintenance agents it is best to shake them first, then directly hold the spray can at a 45 degree angle, so that the liquid component in the tank can be completely released without losing pressure.

The best way to clean the furniture is to gently spray the dry rag at a distance of about 15 cm then wipe onto the furniture.

After using the rag, remember to wash and dry it for next time. As for furniture with fabric materials, such as fabric sofas and leisure cushions, you can use a cleaning agent used for cleaning carpets. When using, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on a damp cloth and then wipe away.

Avoid the sun

Avoid direct sunlight.If the wooden hotel furniture has been exposed in the sun, it is easy to partially fade, as sadly wood is easy to become dry and prone to cracksing. Rattan is particularly known to fade quickly and dry out.


Hotel furniture is mainly divided into two categories: moveable furniture and fixed furniture. No matter whether is moveable of fixed furniture you should pay attention to the raw materials when purchasing. Use your eyes and nose to check carefully while choosing furniture that meets the safety standards.

Pay special attention when choosing wooden furniture,especially the moisture content. Furniture which is too high or too low will not last long. Yet really when buying furniture we first recommend trying it yourself. Nothing beats testing out the tips above with your own hands.

Remember the 5 types of cleaning methods above. Always check what materials are used and the type of the furniture. Always spend special attention reading the labels and choosing your method. Remembersome furniture may be damaged because of the wrong detergent. If in doubt don’t try or try on a part of the furniture which won’t be noticed.

To make furniture last longer, prevent dust build up and work to maintain the moisture content of wooden furniture, and finally avoiding direct sunlight is essential.

Did this article inspire you?

If you have other methods to recommend, I am looking forward to your comments here.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Hotels

How to choose and maintain Hotel Furniture



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